Pet Dentistry

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More than just a smile

Good health for your pet starts in their mouth.

From prevention to treatment, we have a plan to put a smile on your pet’s face, and to make sure they are happy and pain-free as they eat their food and play with their favorite toys.

The Importance of Dental Care Services

Left untreated, periodontal disease can cause infection, pain and tooth loss over time. It can also lead to microscopic changes in the heart, liver and kidneys and can cause serious health problems for your pet1.

At Independence Animal Hospital, we are committed to our patients’ dental health and implement the highest quality dental care. We take a comprehensive approach to dental care including dental health assessment, treatment and prevention. We have state of the art dental equipment including digital x-rays to help diagnose disease that is below the gum tissue and therefore not always visible to the eye.

1. American Veterinary Medical Association 2011

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Annual Dental Exams

We recommend an annual dental healthcare examination for all pets. Call us at 620-331-3740 to make an appointment.